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Friday, September 21, 2012

New Approach to Optimal Debulking

Ovarian Cancer is a cancer that attacks the entire abdominal cavity, when advanced.  This video exemplifies the need for primary care doctors and gynecologists, as well as other specialists, to better work together when it comes to caring for their patients.

Here he speaks about how they consult with and utilize the surgeons who specialize in areas of the upper abdomen to improve chances of progression free survival.  Very interesting to hear.

I find it fascinating that our medical system is compartmentalized in such a way that an individual can have 5 or 6 specialists looking at the exact same region in the body.  Especially when it comes to the pelvic and abdominal area of our bodies.

The PCPs are more crucial than ever before because they are the ones who need to assimilate this information and see the bigger picture.

My word of advice today is make sure you have a really good PCP.  If nothing else, find one who is older and interested in research, not settled.

If my PCP had put the little pieces of my puzzle together, maybe my outcome would have been better.

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  1. You captured the whole thing in one observation. Compartmentalized. It's so important for ONE person to be the "coach" .....

    Love to you, my friend.


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