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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Progress with resume, still boxed in

I feel like there is a screw at the bottom of my feet, and I'm spinning in circles, locking myself down.  It's just a terrible feeling.

Yesterday I went to get my hand splint/fitting for my RA, and for about an hour prior to my leaving, I was anxious, nauseous, and had abdominal pain.  I took a lorazapam and 2 colace, had some yogurt and just sat still.  This sense of panic/nausea consumes me every day around the same time (between 2 and 3pm).  How will I manage this when I get some work?  I worry that a recurrence may be under way, but then worry I worry too much.  HA

Made it home fine, splints are awkward, but necessary.

I now have my printer and have updated my resume.  It's sitting here with a huge gap, begging the question "what did you do since July of 2009?"  I have a feeling that my only good strategy will be to take a strong, bold approach, and tell them I won a battle with cancer and now I'm back.  They don't need to know that there's 80% chance it will return, heck I probably didn't need to know that either.

I had nightmares last night, woke up at 5am, fell asleep again at 8am and woke up at noon. Not good overall.  My abdomen is tight, and I feel like lead.  So I managed to review some more web based information about "ticket to work" and found nothing helpful. 

All I really need is a part time job in my neighborhood, that is not stressful or heavy duty, for now.  I feel like I can't move from this couch and "get out there". 

I was supposed to go to the cancer center to receive holy communion today, because I missed church this past weekend.  The cancer center offers communion on first and third wednesdays of each month.  I'm feeling bad, totally incapable, for missing that.

My joints hurt more today too.......................I wish Mom could have a beautiful retreat and get her "artist on" again, and I wish I could go on a retreat to get my "life on" again. 

So if you are in remission and looking for a new job, I feel for you.  The resources are limited.  Hang in day at a time, I guess.

I guess today I am blabbering, because that is how I feel today.  Need umph!

Be Love and God Bless

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