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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Job hunting for the weary

Hello all,

Well, today I emaild 5 resumes along with cover letters to small business around Queen Anne and Seattle.  Most were part time office assistant positions, which
I should be able to manage.

I don't expect any responses, just know I need to do this every day now.

I am so worried.  Today I had a wave of nausea overcome me for an hour, even after taking medications.  This is concerning because I hope I will be able to keep up in a new job setting, no matter what it is.

My state DVR counselor (different from University Dept of Medicine counselor) said he's still not sure if I'm able to work yet, but does encourage PT work.  I need the income for sure, so I am happy to do all I can do to find work.

It's really only been in the last few weeks that I can honestly say I "feel" ready to do something Part time.  It's this nausea........overall it's getting better, but if I am in a public setting (work or not) and it hits me, I literally have to stop and sit or lay down, take pills and just breathe.  That's probably not going away any time soon.  Plus, my arthritis, who knows how that will respond. 

Anyway, I don't want to be a bum, and I can't sustain myself on $626 per month.  I have resources to continue through January, but I must have a job by end of January.  I still have really really good credit and am blessed for that, so I am hoping some good will comes my way in the job arena.

The news is reporting that 84% of working people are planning to look for new jobs in 2011.  That is great news for me, I can fill one of those empty jobs.

In the back of my mind, I have a target date of March 2012.  If by March of 2012 I have no relapses of ovarian cancer, then I will have a strong chance of living 5 years or longer.

So everything I do now is designed to prevent recurrence, which includes stress management.

That's why I joke about wanting to work with puppies.  I just don't want a new job setting to weaken my immunity even further and create a foundation for relapse.

I'm doing all I can do.

I'll let ya'll know if Iget any bites in the future!

Please send any ideas to me too....I'd really appreciate them.

Be Love and God Bless that all have a healthy and prosperous 2011


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