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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I used to be the focus queen

Yesterday I was so proud, I was able to drive to the eye doctor without getting lost!  For me this is major.  I still get nervous driving in new areas and Seattle's downtown is a maze.

The eye doctor said my eyes are healing well and now all I need to do is continue Restasis and an over the counter cream.  My prednisone and methotrexate have helped tremendously, so now the next step is new glasses.

I still get nystagmus periodically and my eyes will blur with prolonged computer use. No biggie though, just super happy to see.

Today was a day to be grateful for sure.  Crisp autumn air, blue skies, what a beautiful day.  Had a moment on the phone with my sister, which is always a treat.  Spent some time online doing more Ovarian cancer research.

I found out from a medical presentation sent to me by one of my OC sisters that the best predictor for survival rate in the cases of advanced OC (stage III/IV) is the success of the initial surgery.

I still only have 20% 5 year survival rate, but it's "better" because my surgeon was able to optimally debulk me. 

I feel stuck, like I'm in between two worlds.  I need to take advantage of this "remission" to the best of my ability, but prepare for recurrence.  It's hard, I feel like nobody understands.

Next week I meet with Survivorship counselor from Lance Armstrong foundation, to help me with these issues.  By then I hope to have some word on Voc Rehab too.

I want to go away sometimes, just take a vacation.  But I can't tolerate the travelling yet, not to mention no money.  But I do hope to travel while I can.  I say that not to be trivial, just that I need to make a bucket list.  Everyone needs a bucket list..........................everyone needs to make sure they get to do some things that make them feel pure pleasure and joy.

God did not grace me with a husband or children, so I do feel empty.  I doubt I'll ever marry now, given my health situation.  So I am seeking something to nurture, besides myself.  That's why having an empty job seems to me that it would speed up my death rate.  I'm not independently wealthy, so I can't just "volunteer" like I'd like.  Not sure about social security income being enough AND my insurance rates skyrocketed.

I know this sounds boring to some, but to me, every thing I do takes extra effort.  Sometimes it takes me half the day just to pay a few bills, I get distracted, or unfocused.  I was never like that.  I was the "focus" queen.  I could be counted on to get things done.  Now, I don't know.

I do believe though that when I will be presented with the challenges in the future, I will have more determination. 

I'm still really forgetful, which bothers me.  I hope that goes away.

Be Love and God Bless


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