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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doctor, radiology and labs today for fun, CA 125 done

It was one of those clinic days for me today.  I had the opportunity to deal with both RA and ovarian cancer maintenance, spending most of the day at the hospital.

Actually it was great to revisit my rheumatologist, as she just returned from maternity leave.  She spent good quality time with me.  I received new xrays of hands and feet, bone density scan ordered, OT ordered to get a splint for my ulnar deviation.  I wonder how much radiation I will have received in the past 18 months, too much probably.

Had port flushed and labs drawn.  For some reason my oncologist ordered another CA 125.  I just had one a month ago, and it was 10.  I forgot if they were going to draw it once per month or every 3 months.  Chemo brain again.

I painted my finger and toe nails teal.  Everyone loves the color and it is a great conversation starter for ovarian cancer awareness.  It really is.  Plus, everyone has liked the "blue" coloring.  I'm happy that I have taken this step to be an advocate, at least in a subtle way.

I want to do more, but have no resources.  I'm teetering on a few ideas, but have not really settled yet.  I am still walking in a bit of limbo, uncertain of the course of my cancer, decision-making has been a chore.  But it's getting better.

Need to apply for SSI this week, money is running out.  Have not heard from voc rehab yet, hope they tell me soon if they can help me or not. 

This is the point where having a rich husband would come in handy, ha......oh well.

Be Love and God Bless

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