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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday, while at SCCA, I had the pleasure to speak with a spiritual advisor.  We spoke about coping with cancer, living and of course, death.  We talked about chemo brain.  It was a good conversation.

Last night a young 18 year old male was killed by a drunk driver on I-5, yet I am here.  AGAIN, we all have a purpose.  I pray for his family.  Is it random by chance?

Does God see the world through our eyes or His?  I just wonder sometimes. 

I am afraid to die, but am also doing everything I can to find peace with the idea.  I am reading the Bible, hoping to finish it soon.  God comforts me and sometimes I want to be wrapped in his arms.  I want for everyone to feel that same sense of comfort. Is it like an eternal state of sleep?  In the mean time, while here on earth, I want to be happy and be happiness for others.  I don't want to worry about small problems.  I want to be love.

I told the advisor, I'll call her "M", that being on chemo feels like you're living in a Johnny Depp movie all the time.  Everything is warped.  I was so afraid of everything, even a knock at the door.  I couldn't follow conversations, felt like an invisible magnetic force was keeping me away from everything and everyone.  Sort of like floating, but not in a good way.  Be patient if you are helping someone on chemo, they aren't all the way there, not fully present.  Yet they ache with every cell in their body and spirit to be present, to participate, to live!

To my family, I promise not to leave a mess when I go and not to burden you with unfinished business.  Between now and then, I promise to be as involved, motivated and loving as I can.  I want to enjoy my life with you, I want to live to the fullest. 

Be Love, Denise


The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is a great place to look for the latest on OC research.  Please take a look and support this cause.

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