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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Johanna's Law

Johanna's Law was introduced to the Senate on June 15th 2010 by Senators Spector, Stabenow and Menendez.  This law would allow the CDC and Secretary of Health and Human Services to increase resources allocated to raise awareness and education of gynecological cancers, such as Ovarian Cancer.

This is great news!  I've never seen a pamplet or handout about Ovarian Cancer in any doctor's office.  You never see public service announcements or commercials about the horrid disease.  Health education classes certainly don't talk about it.  I never had a gynecologist talk to me about the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer (except to say I was too young to have it).

Cancer is so scary, especially a gynecological cancer.  We as females are so dependent on our health care providers to be the eyes and ears of diagnosis.  Especially since anyone would want to minimize symptoms as a natural defense, we need our doctors to be more aggressive at looking for the early signs of ovarian cancer.  We as patients cannot do it alone.

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