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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I just posted a little blurb about the outrageous costs of medications on Facebook.  Not enough space allowed on Facebook to go into detail, so here I will explain what I meant.

In January, the cancer center started injecting me with neulasta instead of another immune system enhancing drug.  Neulasta was great, it lasted three weeks.  What they didn't mention is that neulasta costs over 7 thousand dollars per injection!  My 24 hour stay at the hopsital for Cisplatin cost less than my neulasta injection. 

Thank God a million times over for insurance, but I do have to pay a portion. 

I needed the injection, there is no dispute.  I have been in a fog for the duration of my chemo.  As the fog clears, I am becoming more and more aware of nuances, wondering why I never even inquired as to the medication's cost.  Usually I do ask about costs.

Well, anyway, Congress really needs to find a way to pressure pharmaceutical companies to make their medications more affordable.  They really have an advantage. Like being the only water pump in the Sahara desert, supply and demand rule.

My gratitude remains strong, just experiencing a little irritation.  Here's to better days. 

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