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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Branching off on a new road

I am finally starting to feel a bit more energy, recovering slowly from 6 months of chemotherapy. Abdominal pain seems to be a chronic issue that I will now face every day for the rest of my life. Tomorrow my mother will join me with my sister to meet a new doctor that will address the new threats related to BRCA 1 mutation. I remain terrified and my sister, God Bless her, remains positive and strong.

A friend wrote to me to say that we are blessed to have received the testing and now we can at least have an opportunity to alter the predicted course of our lives. We have an opportunity to thwart off breast cancer. I am so grateful that we have this chance and at the same time am overwhelmed with what it means to actively thwart the threat of breast cancer. I don't want any more chemo. I don't want any more surgery. I don't want to have to do costly MRIs every 6 months, but what I want has no bearing on what may be needed.

I would give anything to save my sister from facing any of these decisions. I ask "why".

I kindof feel that of all the options, I'd rather have a prophylactic mastectomy than more chemo. But I can let go of my breasts because I'm still in the dark as to my overall life expectancy. I see my gynecology oncologist on March 18th. I won't have a clue as to my future until that day. If my ovarian cancer has shortened my overall life expectancy, than how important is it to address breast cancer anyway.

How important are my breasts? My family is more important to me. It is more important that because my sister does not currently have cancer, my brother does not have cancer, that they get the best possible consultation and land on the best possible path to prevent cancer. I am obviously depressed. It is so hard for me to comprehend a future for me. I can't see it right now, but I want to be here. I want to see my family every day and be a part of their lives.

I just completed a form for the new breast cancer doctor that involves attitudes toward the threat of cancer. I think that this new doctor will hopefully prescribe an anti-depressant. I have historically been opposed to anti-depressants for me personally, but this is situational depression. I think that they will help me a little bit so that I can get through this new challenge. I don't want to stay on them.

These are my thoughts for today.

On a side note:
I am watching the health care summit on CNN and wondering why there's a debate. When will we elect officials who value life from womb to tomb? The extreme right wing is so hypocritical. I believe health care is a right and that we must move forward with reform, one way or another.

For 10 years I went without health insurance. And for several more years I paid over $300 per month for junk plans that really covered very little. Now I finally have good insurance and am fortunate to have insurance. Every human being deserves the opportunity to have medical treatment, period.

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