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Friday, March 12, 2010

Breast MRI

Hi everyone,

I underwent a breast MRI and abdominal CT scan this past Monday. My sister and mother patiently waited for three hours at SCCA, being kind and supportive as always. I had been nervous and real depressed. This past Sunday the three of us attended a meeting through FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered). We met three other women who are BRCA 1 mutation positive. Networking with other women who also face the uncertainty of when breast cancer arrives is very helpful. One woman had a prophylactic mastectomy because she had already had breast cancer before her genetic testing. Another woman had also gone through Ovarian Cancer surgery and chemo in a very similar scenario to myself. Another woman has tested positive, had ovarian cancer and plans to have a prophylactic mastectomy.

I received a call yesterday that my breast MRI was "good" and that I would be receiving a letter as to the recommended follow-up. I was so relieved, so grateful, and thanked God above. This gives me hope for my other family members who have the genetic mutation. I am the oldest sibling, so I pray that my younger siblings would also be negative for any findings.

Now I wait for my appointment with my gynecology oncologist on March 18th to review my abdominal CT scan and bloodwork. I am relieved to know now that I will be in a "surveilance" program for life at SCCA. As much as it drives me crazy to have so many medical appointments, I need the support and would have panicked if there were no such program.

I will let you know about the letter. For now I am focusing on recovery. I am so weak, low endurance and very depressed. I have started an antidepressant, but it takes almost a month for the effects to kick into full gear. So each day I do a little more, but I feel "cloudy". I have trouble concentrating and really have no motvation. I pray that I get more motivated as time passes, with spring around the corner, I should improve.

I will get to receive some physical therapy to work on my scar tissue and strength towards the end of March. Wonderful.

Now I am ready to be more supportive to my siblings. I love them dearly.

Bye for now.

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