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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year Everyone!
I get to spend my first day of 2010 in the hospital getting chemo. I am grateful for the medication and only pray that I can tolerate it. The cumulative effect worries me but the nurse assured me the additional anti-nausea med will make it bearable.

As for resolutions, my only resolution is to find more grace and forgiveness in my heart. It takes too much energy to be angry and my spiritual development is stagnated by my anger. I can't guarantee that I will be 100% right away, but I promise God and all of you I will put forth my best effort to do so. My previous doctors probably did the best they could, given who they are. I will find a way to move forward in 2010.

My prayers are with each of you in that the pains of 2009 be transformed into new hope, embracing a new opportunity for joy and serenity.

Happy New Year.


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