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Saturday, November 21, 2009

temp 102 yesterday

Yesterday was a rough day. Not sure why but I had a temp of 102. Had to call the nurse. Took two extra strength tylenol and went back to bed with a cold compress. Today my temp is normal. The night after chemo I was up the whole time with chills, I couldn't get warm. I was chilled all day yesterday.

No run to the emergency room though. I am grateful for a better day today. The nausea will start to kick in on Sunday, third day after chemo. That is when the IV drugs wear off. Happy day.

The good news is I get Thanksgiving "off" and have treatment on Friday. I'll need to not eat a lot though, still have to stick to small amounts of food. That's OK. I am looking forward to a special day of Thanks for all the blessings in my life, especially family and friends. What more does a person really need?

Thank you to all of my supporters.



  1. We love you Denise! Looking forward to having you "home" for Thanksgiving. All my love, Mandy


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