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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

depressed a bit today

Hi everyone,

The bills are starting to trickle in, and basically it costs over two thousand per week just for my immune therapy. Over seven thousand per each chemo treatment. The port was about sixteen thousand. I am still in therapy and wonder what the final tally will be. My insurance has a high deductable but eventually caps. What a relief that is. I can't worry about the money, but I do.

I am applying for financial assistance from the Seatte Cancer Care Alliance, I just hope I qualify.

I am bummed because I have the "wrong" cancer. I called the American Cancer Society again the other day to look for financial resources, and of course, none for me. Gobs of stuff if I had lung cancer or breast cancer, and I just thank God that I have none of the above. My cancer cup is full right now.

Here is my opinion: Support services and financial aid should be for all cancer patients, not just those with the loudest marketing genies. I understand that research dollars are generated through fundraising, and fundraising is done by "non-profits" who are married to a particular type of disease. So if you have a rare disease, or a low-profile disease, you are less likely to find support for things like "bills".

So, today I am feeling down. The ACS is sending me a packet, we'll see what they send. In the mean time I wrote a note to Ellen DeGeneres asking her to do a show on Ovarian Cancer. She has low back pain and I wanted to let her know that LPB is a symptom of OC. I know I am sounding paranoid, but that is what OC is about, vague symptoms that if left unattended, can kill you. So maybe she will listen and really have her pain checked out.

I have chemo this week. Not too excited but feel lucky to have it. Love you all.


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  1. If you are still receiving Neupogen, or have received it within the past 12 months, please call Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief again and talk to them about applying to their fund for the CIA/CIN diagnosis. It stands for Chemotherapy Induced Neutropenia or Chemotherapy Induced Anemia and if you receive(d) Neupogen, Neulasta, Neumega or Procrit, you qualify automatically. If you can get funding from them, they pay retroactively 12 months. They can't offer a huge fund, but it's something. If you get and use them and you run out of funding, you should call Healthwell next. They also have a CIA/CIN diagnosis that is supported, though they will only cover the cost of the Neupogen, where as Patient Advocate will actually pay for everything provided you've received the a drug for CIA/CIN.


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