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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

President Obama

Hello everyone,

First of all: thank you family and friends again for all your love and support. I am limited on energy for a good reason, now I can drive. The only problem is that it kills me to drive, still painful and exhausts me. Too exhausted to talk this evening. Luckily the driving is all within 5 miles (Dr. Office, post office, store, pharmacy). I was so tired at Target that I had to rest on the lawn chair display.

I am very happy though, because I have seen cows, horses, restaurants, parks, people. Wow, I forgot what john "Q" public is like. So today I am gratefully accepting my new pains that have come with a dose of freedom. I have received two shots of Neupogen to boost my immune system, and will need a blood test each day this week.

President Obama tried this evening to send a message, let's take care of each other without bankrupting ourselves, businesses or our country. Personally, I think the most charitable, humane, and democratic solution requires that we restructure the entire health care system and have socialized health care. BUT, that is not realistic. I LIKE WHAT OUR PRESIDENT HAD TO SAY.

A Public Health "Exchange" was what I heard, as opposed to "public government option". If I am wrong, go ahead and correct me. I like the idea of the individuals being able to "coop" into a larger plan as individuals so that they can pay rates comperable to individuals who receive employer sponsored health insurance. But there are many citizens who would not even be able to afford that. The "working poor" may still lose out, but I pray that is not the case.

It is just so hard to defend profit driven health care, but America is based on opportunity. I guess if it doesn't work out, I can move to Canada..ha!

So I wish our President the best and pray that the Legislative branch of our government stops bending over for the insurance and drug companies, and starts bending over for their consituents. Isn't that why they are there, to serve the public? That wasn't very dignified statement, was it. Oh well, I want them to be on my side, your side, your family's side, so that we can all be healthy.

Nighty night

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