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Friday, September 04, 2009

bone marrow biopsy and updates

When it comes to bone marrow tests, if your doctor/nurse ever say "this won't hurt, it's just pressure"...they are LYING. The nurses are programed to say "it doesn't hurt, it's just pressure". Why do they lie? By the way, a bone marrow test is done by taking blood and bone marrow tissue from the hip bone. I had one in 2007, it hurt then, and it hurt now. That is partly why I was so anxious, I knew that it would hurt.

Anyway, it is over. It's like this, you are on the table, on your side, bum exposed. He says "this will sting" and he injects lidocaine. Then he injects more lidocaine. Then he says, "you will feel some pressure." I call this the "crank and yank" because you can hear the tool being screwed into your bone and feel it being turned and churned. Then he has to yank and yank until he gets a sample. Sorry for being so graphic, but it is what it is. "Pressure" is from the mini drilling he does to get blood and bone samples. Pressure turns into shooting pain, but goes away as soon as he removes the needle. Then he says, "this piece is too small". He drills again, hello????? Finally after several drills, it was over.

Anyway, my bum hurts and now my left hand is swollen from squeezing the nurse's hand too hard. Did I mention I have arthritis?

If you ever have to do a bone marrow test, just know that it's only temporary pain and you do get through it. You live. Allow yourself to receive an anti-anxiety drug, please. And most of all, it's one of the most important medical tests you can ever receive. If you need it, get it.

I felt like such a baby when I called my sister last night. She said she had a liver biopsy with no pain killers or lidocaine several years ago. I almost cried. I guess the doctors thought she wouldn't feel anything bad. She said she was stunned into pain, and shocked. My sister is so strong. Where was I? I have been a lame sister at times. By the grace of God, she is here for me now.

Next week I get to go to the oncologist every day for blood tests and get to receive two shots to boost my immune system. They also did a simple CBC yesterday, and I still have a low white blood cell count.

I still can't drive. (Bless the American Cancer Society, but they can't take me to any appointments because they need 10 day notice. My doctors aren't giving me 10 day notice.) Thank God for Craig, Mike, Barb and Judy. Hopefully I will be able to drive soon...........hopefully.

I can't get my pain under control until about 1pm every day, but today I walked down the street past 5 houses. Trying to work out the pain in my bum and abdomen. It felt like 2 miles, but it was good exercise. Step by step my strength and endurance are getting better.

On the insurance side, the California Dept of Insurance only handles PPOs. I did manage to mail an appeal to the Department of Managed Care, which handles HMOs. Isn't this fun. I was on hold with Soc Sec for half hour and hung up.

My arthritis is slowly getting worse because I am on limited medications. My rheumatologist and primary care doctor believe I should apply for Soc Sec Dis because of my combined illnesses. Once I have my chemo treatment plan, I will have a better idea of what to put on the application.

I emailed my congressman again and sent two e-mails to the President Obama asking that insurance portability be allowed in all 50 states and that portability laws be enacted immediately. I need to be with my family.

Thank you Craig for taking me to the doctor yesterday. Thank you God for taking care of my family and friends.


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