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Monday, January 11, 2016

Mary's Moon

As I was walkng along the path, the moonlight made day what was to be night.  Having just escaped a  treacherous interrogation in the auditorium I was refreshed from the crisp cold air of that predawn hour.

After a night of defending all of what I believed to be true from relentless badgering it was such a relief to find what might have been the first glances of heaven.  I was cold, my coat was left behind.  I was practically running when off to my right I saw them, the Sisters of Christ, all in awe of something up above.  Each one was praying and smiling, layimg their palms out front and upwards toward the bright light. The details of their faces were lost in the brilliant rays from the moon.  The crisp cold air became warm, releasing me from my shaking and chills.

I stopped and turned around, looking up towards the stars I saw this enormous full moon.  It was necessary to block some of the glare with my palm as my eyes were hurting trying to focus on what I was seeing.  As I began to understand what it was my knees began to shake and a wave of exitation came over me like never before.

In the center of this most glorious and brilliant lunar presence was our Blessed Mother holding our Lord Jesus, and she was rocking this sweet baby back and forth in her loving arms.  

I can still see this vision so clearly, right this moment.  The sweet Sisters, lovingly looking up at the moon.  The path, the dark background and then sweet Mary's Moon. She is so beautiful and exquisite, soothing and adoring.  She just cradles our Lord and rocks him gently back and forth. She wants for us to love Him as she loves Him. That was the message in my dream.  

I guess the visit to the museum yesterday really had an impact on my dream last night.  (I will not go into the details of the interrogation but it is safe to say that my nightmare was extinguished by love and joy.)

Here is a sample from the Seattle Art Museum.  It was very tiring to go, I have to admit, but so well worth it.  When we are sick we need to find activities that give us peace and hope. Find something that grabs you by the heart.  

Peace and Blessings

"Virgin and Child"

Egg tempera and gold on wood
Master of San Torpe'
Italian, active ca. 1290-ca. 1320
Samuel H. Kress Collection, 61.152

Seattle Art Museum

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