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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Professor John Krystal of Yale on PTSD....fascinating video

Anyone can get PTSD.  This documentary focuses on the actual brain tissue, explaining how each part relates to the other and the parts of the brain effected by PTSD.  Individuals also have a unique PTSD profile because of genetics.

It gives us hope though to see this kind of detailed research.

At the end of the video he explains that PTSD can come and go "like arthritis" which in my mind makes this problem much more difficult to manage.  Really how does one live well when at any time anything could trigger them and they may not even be aware of it?  How sad. A rollercoaster ride for all.

I hope you can set aside time to watch this.  It is highly educational, especially if you enjoy learning how parts of the brain function. Hopefully this will provide insight to pave a way for progress in your life or the life of a loved one.

Someone I love suffers from PTSD. I know at the heart of the matter this person is not intending to cause problems, but he does. I think to say that this person can only get help when they are ready is not helping him and yet he cannot be forced to get help.  He is losing the support of the people he loves and who love him and support is essential to recovery.  It is very frustrating because neither he nor his family deserve any of this. It is tragic in every way.  We all are doing our best in our own way but to be honest, it is not really getting better. I pray every day for him.

Maybe he will see this and work with someone to get more than just talk therapy. God Bless him.

This video brilliantly showcases that there is a strong "organic" component seen in MRI scans where changes in the brain have occured.  So that being said I must try to be objective and understand that some of the behaviors are not intended to be annoying or troublesome or even harmful.  But there is control somewhere and if PTSD comes and goes, how does the patient really manage it?  How does the family cope?

This video provides great insight.  There are no simple answers.

Peace and Blessings

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