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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Panalitas And A Message Of Love

Last Thanksgiving I slept well into the late afternoon.  November is a very difficult month.  This year I was up by 9:00 am!  I thank the Lord Jesus for continuing to condition my heart and mind, my spirit rejoices in His love.

I am alone, physically.  I am not alone in spirit.  It has been a fantastic day.  I have spoken with my dad, sent and received multiple loving Thanksgiving greetings with family and friends. I have also enjoyed lots of fun time playing with my kitkat Marilyn.

Mom's passing, birthday and favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, all happen within a few weeks of each other.  Last year I was immobilized.  This year only partially immobilized.

God awoke me with joy today.  I was excited to cook her favorite meal today, a pot roast.  This will provide many more meals to come as well.  I  am attempting a pumpkin pie and panalitas, a spanish individual pie.  We know them by their common name of empanadas.  I have been searching for the term "panalita" and it seems to evade me.  I wonder from where grandma Archuleta got the word panalita? 

The panalitas are taking longer to cook than I have anticipated, so we'll see how they turn out. Ha!  

Since I have already snacked on cinnamon-sugar pie crust I really don't need anymore calories for the day.  I will prepare a small salad so that I feel some nutritional balance.  Ha!

I will continue to decorate my tree.  As part of a new tradition that I am starting in my humble home, I put up the tree on mom's birthday.  I really felt happiness starting early this year.  Many of us are yearning for more happiness, the world is appearing more and more dangerous and we are seeking safety and love.

God, through his only begotten son, our Lord Jesus Christ, provides this Love to us, always.  He does not force His way into our lives.  I am so grateful to have this chance to get to know Him more and more each day.  Over this year I have gotten more comfortable with mom being up in Heaven because I know she is safe, she is happy and she is Loved.  That is probably why I was able to get up today and celebrate Thanksgiving in my own little way as opposed to being too sad to rejoice in Thanksgiving to God and my loved ones.

Our Pope is an instrument of His love. Please take just two minutes to view these Blessings from God:

I pray for all of you to find security in the Lord and peace with your family.  If you are alone physically say a little prayer to God to remind yourself that you really are not alone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

God Bless you all.

Grandma Archuleta made panalitas for the holidays.  These are little pumpkin pies.
To all our loved ones in Heaven, we love you and miss you.

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