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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pick Me Up in Seattle: Lashes and Brows....Two Sisters

My Christmas Tree

A few months ago I met an aesthetician who has a sister that is battling ovarian cancer.  The sisters are living far apart, one in Washington State and the other in Florida. In honor of her sister in Florida, this kind woman named Sandra is starting a business that concentrates on lifting the spirits of women who are experiencing the loss of their brows and lashes as a result of cancer treatments.

Sandra Eaton, owner of The Lash and Brow Clinic,  plans to start a program where she can donate needed goods to women with ovarian cancer. Her clinic is in the Queen Anne area, off of Dexter Avenue.  Sandra gave me a relaxing facial and brow contour a few weeks ago that lifted my spirits, providing a nice bump in happiness.

Sandra's sister is suffering greatly and her sister's resources are getting depleted due to the high cost of medical care. Because of this oftentimes people with cancer do not have money for basc needs. This story rings true all over in cancerland, sadly enough.

If you are in the Seattle area and would like to receive a dignified and private treatment for your brows and lashes, please visit Sandra in her clinic.  She is a very compassionate woman who understands the need for privacy and dignity.  She is also joyful, spirited and enthusiastic in her cause.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Denise Archuleta

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