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Monday, July 13, 2015

Relief From Your Suffering

Forgiveness.  Freedom from pain.  Freedom from fear.  Love. Happiness.  Joy.  Being a living contribution to our family and community.  Making a real difference.  Reconciliation.  These are the big picture items that become important when we live with an illness like cancer, something that knowingly can shorten our lives.  We cannot run away.  God is here to show us the way to find these things, if we allow it.

Becoming whole; physically, socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy requires effort on our part.  After the initial diagnoses of cancer we get an army of support, via adrenaline, from family, neighbors, even people we don't know.  It is amazing.  Thanks be to God we live through that initial battle but continue on in a different life.  Our loved ones may need breaks too from the never ending fear of death.  So how do we live with cancer, or life after cancer, in a healthful way that keeps us strong and also helps other people not to be afraid?  

Our retreat is just a few months away and my heart says that you will experience some relief from the burden of your suffering if you join myself and other women in Corpus Christi this September.  Our retreat is designed to address the essentials necessary for obtaining calm during this stormy phase of your life.
Please go to and complete the easy registration form for the "Women With Cancer" retreat September 17-20 of 2015. 

You get to unplug, focus on you and experience another kind of family.  

The form is located n the "drop down" menu, under Women with Cancer retreats.  Please share this information. I hope to see you there.

Peace and Blessings,
Denise Archuleta

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