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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Retreat Update and Giving

Hello Everyone,

First off I have very good news about our upcoming healing retreat. Our scheduled dates are from September 17, 2015 through September 20, 2015.  It gives me a nice burst of energy to write this post.

I have spoken with Sr. Laudem several times and I should have formal registration forms soon.  

I will broadcast the complete information, including registration links, as soon as I receive them.  

Please see the post "An Oasis of Hope and Love: The OLCC Retreat Center" dated 01-29-15 for more information about this special event.  

I have a CT scan coming up tomorrow afternoon.  There is a new pain on my right side. Since this could be due to any number of issues my goal is to maintain a balanced in attitude.  

A balanced attitude is a reasonable expectation, I think.  It says "I will allow myself to experience the range of appropriate emotions while I gather my thoughts, pray on it and then do something".  I feel like a professional CT scanee...ha.  I feel strong because I have faith.

I am drifting over to the subject of balance because the season of Lent is here.  For those who observe this season, it is the time to draw nearer to God by prayer, fasting, pennance and almsgiving.

Almsgiving provides each of us, healthy and unhealthy alike, ways unify with our family of neighbors.  As we renew our faith in God, we renew our spirit while helping others.  This gives us balance and can be very rejuvinating.

If you are healthy try to find some time to help a local charity or a neighbor in need.  If you are not well you can give by praying or making a small donation to charity. Maybe you have items that are in good condition and with a little help, they can be donated. 

Give to the homeless, if nothing else, a big smile.  Give them some cheer.  Try not to judge why they are in the condition presented. They need hope and our smiles, our reach, our hand releases them from alienation.

It feels good to give.  

Peace and Blessings,

Lord help me
to remember
that nothing
is going to happen
to me today
that You and I
together can't handle.


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