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Friday, February 06, 2015

N.E.D. The Movie Event Review

I hope you were able to attend the screening of N.E.D. The Movie yesterday, World Cancer Day.  This heartfelt documentary tells the story of gynecology oncology surgeons, and musicians, who dedicate themselves to educating people about gynecological cancers.  They love their patients and love performing their music, using their venue to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

As a woman who was told that I was too young to have ovarian cancer, when I actually did have it, I fully appreciated the significance and importance of this movie and their mission.  I think these humble surgeons are amazing people, selfless in their cause.

Dr. Barbara Goff, of UWMC and SCCA in Seattle Washington, spoke after the screening.  She was kind, informative and encouraging.  She spoke of advances in treatment protocols and told us the history of how a small donation led her team to the compilation of important research that supports the symptom checklist that we use today.

Dr. Goff stated that the most important take-away from this event was that the parents of boys and girls need to understand the importance of the HPV vaccination.  The reduction of future cancers is staggering when the vaccine is given.

I thank God every day for my time on earth and pray that more and more people see this documentary. The conversation about cancer is never easy and that is especially true when it comes to women's cancers.  The truth is that all women need to know the basic symptoms of these cancers.

Here is the link to N.E.D. The Movie's storywall:

Peace and Blessings

P.S.   I am in the process of scheduling our special retreat at The OLCC Retreat Center.

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