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Saturday, November 15, 2014

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Sometimes we feel like the wind gets knocked out of our sails. Yesterday was definitely one of those days.  I have been spending time preparing to honor my mom on Sunday, as it would be her birthday. November is a hard month now, the anniversary of mom's passing, mom's birthday and moving through Thanksgiving, her favorite holiday.

Lot's of grief this month.  When I saw Diem Brown had died from ovarian cancer I cried.  She was a truly spirited and cheerful warrior. My tears reflected so much loss in our family and the knowingnes of another fighter removing her gloves.

I miss my mom so much.  Sunday I will celebrate her birthday with prayer and fond memory, looking at photos.  I feel kind of crazy, but it comforts me to talk to her whilst adoring her photo.  Sometimes I just stroke the hair in mom's photo and tell her how much I love and miss her.  I tell her I am sorry for being such a bratty teenager, for not being nice all the time, for fighting with her on our trip to New Mexico, for not spending enough time with her, for being a total failure as far as career goes and for not using my brain like I should have.

I can go on and on.  I pray that she is the first angel I see in heaven one day.

I am exhausted from treatments and grief but look for colors and light throughout each day, as I have nothing to complain about. 

I am sharing two different things today that I hope will inspire you.

1.   Here is a link to an interview with Diem Brown about her heartfelt charity,  A patient gift registry that eases the burden when sick and in need.

2.  I have sponsored a child via World Vision who shares the same birthday as my mom.  This sweet child and her family are in great need and World Vision is one of only a few international charities trusted by mom.  World Vision also helps children in the United States.

I felt a little funny filtering by birthdate, but I did accept the very first child that came up in the search.  I wanted to sponsor all the kids, ya know what I mean?  

So one unique way to honor a loved ones's passing is to sponsor a child in need. It is very fulfilling and most of all provides tangible resources and goodnes that can offer hope to the suffering.

I Love You and Miss You...........

Peace and Blessings,


  1. dear Denise,

    I am so sorry for how hard this month is for you with so many milestones that evoke such deeply painful grieving, especially for your dear, sweet Mother. and I am so sorry for the death of Diem Brown; I am sure she knows how you have honored her by posting the link about her and her wonderful charity, MedGift.

    I think you have done something so amazing by sponsoring that little girl with World Vision - her birthday coinciding and being the first on the list has a lovely meant-to-be-ness to it.

    I have been in the throes of grief for 18 mo, after losing my beloved husband, when I read all the things you have been apologizing for to your Mom, it really struck a chord. we miss our dear ones so very much, and wish with all our hearts we could have done so much more for them, and it hurts so much. but as your Mom is now your very own special angel, you are her angel here on earth and doing so much good work that affects legions of others. I know she must be so proud of you and will forever be showing you those beautiful colors and light to soothe and comfort you.

    much love and many warm and gentle hugs to you,

    Karen (Sutherland), the commenter

    1. Dear Karen, I apologize, you are grieving the loss of your husband. I am so sorry, I thought it said your mom. Oh I do pray for you and that your dear heart can find releif. Peace to you....and blessings.


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