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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rest In Peace Sweet Diem Brown


Please select the link above for one of the many stories about this young woman's life.  Ovarian cancer may have claimed her body, but her spirit will live forever.

This news has broken many hearts today.

A star on earth is now a star in the heavens.

May we find a cure so no more women die.


  1. This is very sad news indeed. To be so young and gifted but then to have her life cut so short, is a real tragedy. Do you know if she was BRCA positive? My mother had a similar disease progression from breast cancer to ovarian cancer to 2 separate types of colon cancer. My cancers have so far been confined to my breasts but with the BRCA gene, you never know what is around the corner.

    1. Hi Sharon, thank you for taking time to comment. Yes, Diem's passing is a blow. I was deflated. I researched about the BRCA history and saw on her Twitter feed that she did the testing in January of 2014. I am having a hard time confirming anything. My gut says she had BRCA or maybe Lynche? I am going to keep looking because the odds are she had a genetic predisposition. I am going to post another discussion about her charity, Medgift.

      I pray your cancer remains contained and far far away, lost forever.

      Peace and blessings,
      Denise, aka Servivorgirl :-)


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