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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Old Time Staycation Surprise Letdown


When I was a kid we went on one vacation as a family.  One summer day at the spur of the moment it was decided that all of us hop in the Ford Pinto Wagon and take a weekend road trip to Dillon, Colorado. Wow we were jazzed!  We just did not have the resources to "travel" as a family and when this opportunity arrived, we were pretty happy.

I remember what we were wearing!  I remember pulling off to dip our toes in the lake, inhaling the fresh pine air and staring in awe up into the clear blue sky.  The trip ended abruptly the next day because dad had a toothache.  There ya go.

So instead of vacations, we had what people call nowadays "staycations".  I can think of just a handful to include Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, baseball games, maybe a summer holiday and the Bronco games.  The Bronco games provided us with many fun loving memories and laughter.  Our house was Broncos central. Aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins and friends would come over, we would enjoy great food, and for the next three hours think of nothing else.  I loved being a kid during those times. I loved watching the adults and listening to them talk about the game, razz each other, tell jokes and laugh. I loved helping mom with the food if she wanted it.  I have written about this before I know, but it is true, the Bronco games were our primary source of family entertainment.

It was so much fun to cheer and holler.  We even had season tickets. Two seats.  Mom, myself, sister and brother would rotate games to go with dad.  We always parked at grandma's house and walked with the rest of the rowdies to Mile High Stadium.

As an adult I don't really care about football, just the Bronco games. Otherwise I don't really watch sports.  As a cancer patient I have found that watching my Broncos really makes me forget about cancer, chemo and worries for that three hours of time.  Of course it's not the same now, no big family get together, just me really, but still I love my Broncos.

So now to get to the reason why this blogger who writes about ovarian cancer is blogging about football.  Well, I am late to the game and did not know that the NFL is a non-profit organization.

For obvious reasons this is just wrong on every level but I want to talk about my teeny little gripe that does effect my quality of life.

I do not have cable TV.  I have Roku.  If I want to watch my Broncos play a regular game, I would have to pay to subscribe to the NFL to watch live streaming Bronco games.  What???  Only during the playoffs have I been able to actually watch a game on my Ipad.   The few livestream news channels on Roku aren't allowed to show the game streaming even if it is free to their local viewers.  This is a racket.  It actually upsets me.  

Funny, I live in Seattle.  The Superbowl will be very exciting this year.  I will hope to go somewhere to watch the game.  Everyone in Seattle sure is excited, so for me I can't lose.

I need my little joys, my little breaks. Everybody needs their little happys.  The family memories of cheering for the Broncos make me happy and darnit I just want to watch the game and enjoy fond memories.

So now that It has been revealed to me that the NFL is a "non-profit" I wonder if it is legal for them to charge any fees to watch their games.  

When you read the articles above you will see how much money top management gets paid and it most definitely smells like a profit to me.

I am just disappointed all around.  They pay no taxes.  That makes me pretty mad.   I wonder what kinds of needed programs could be saved if they paid their fair share?  

I want to know why the Non-profit NFL requires me to pay a fee to subscribe to their services to watch the Broncos.  I need my little staycation.  I realize this is selfish of me but I want a chance to cheer and root on my team, no matter where I live, for free.  Edit:  I am grateful for life and all God brings to me, please remember that as I vent a bit about this issue.  Peace.

Pass this around if you agree.

This is part of my "Little  Happys" series for those of us in grief, dealing with cancer or any other chronic or acute illness.

Go Broncos!


ps...when I move I will get cable as long as Comcast does not force me to keep my business services.  That was the reason for my cable issue.  A few years ago when I got my little apartment I needed internet to work part time from home.  Some Comcast rep sold me an unnecessary business package with a two year contract and I did not know I would have to buy out a two year business agreement in order to change to a residential service with cable.  Their business services won't allow customers to have basic cable.  I just work from home, gee wiz.  So for the past two or more years I have watched TV at mom's (may she rest in peace) or streaming via Roku on my Ipad.  Rarely is there any live activity.......ugh.  anyway...Peace

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