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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I gave my undivided attention to this PBS documentary about Lipizzaner Stallions.  I had heard of these beautiful horses from my mother, and of course my adorable nieces, who loved and love horses.

 I have a funny memory of mom being followed by one of grandpa's racing horses.  She was laughing one of those panicky laughs while trying to keep away from him.  He got out from inside the fence and was running up behind her along the long driveway. I think he liked mom's hair or thought she had carrots and apples.  Anyway, it was pretty comical.  Mom loved horses.

What I found most interesting in this documentary was not just the complex history of this rare breed of horse but truly the love and care that is given to these beauties since their birth.

All I can think about is what love means and how do we show love.  Why can't all humans receive this kind of love?

The horses are well fed, pampered, groomed, bathed and spoken to with gentle care, their entire lives.  
They therefore learn to love back and trust.

It is so simple a concept, yet we humans have such a long way to go when it comes to loving one another.  

Humans have great capacity to love, yet we don't always.  

Imagine every child on the planet clean and bathed, well nourished and only treated with utmost kindness and love.  Not ever a note of anger or violence to be experienced.  Wow.

Just that alone could change the world.  Imagine every elderly person and disabled person receiving the same.  And everyone else.  Love is the foundation of our existence.

When you watch this you will see.......


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  1. It's a very beautiful sort of world to picture. Love is so powerful. ~Catherine


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