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Monday, September 16, 2013

UPDATE: Seattle Great Wheel to be TEAL All Day Sept 18, 2013

I want to thank the lovely Annie Abbott for showing support in honor of
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

She just told me that the Seattle Great Wheel will be lit TEAL all day!

The start time is 10am and they will turn off at 11pm.

She welcomes all and anyone who wants to gather on Pier 57 and around the area to share in this symbolic event and to educate others.

There are no formal events on the pier directly, but I do know individuals who are attending.

I am asking for us to take the last 5 minutes of this lighting ceremony to be in silence in memory of our lost sisters, those who have paved the way for our researchers and physicians to learn and grow.  Our lost sisters are the ones who really give us strength, they were strong enough to move through the battle.

When I am down, I listen to "Strong Like You" written and composed by Kathie Lee Gifford and David Friedman.  This was sung to my mom, and every time I listen I also think of our sisters who are struggling or who have struggled.

Chandra Lee Schwartz sings it beautifully and you can see the link on my site off to the right.

"On God's Table there are no crumbs" .....

Please let me know if you will be there!

September 18, 2013
10am to 11pm

Denise Archuleta

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