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Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas Wish

If this Christmas you had one chance to ask for a miracle, what would you say?  

My eyes are blurry from needing sleep.  How many of you are tired now, frazzled, conflicted? Are you wondering if you did what you needed to do to make those whom you love with all your heart to feel happy?  Did you do all you can to bring them joy?  Are there enough gifts?  Worried that someone special was forgotten?  Amidst all this are you weighted by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary?  Wondering how those sweet families are coping?  Will they be able to rejoice in the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

This year has been really challenging for our family.  I cannot tell a lie.  My sweet mom, our heroin of life, our rock has been sick most of the year.  Long hospital stays, multiple heart attacks and serious complications from her diabetes.  We never made our trip to Bainbridge Island.  Today we were supposed to go out so she could do Christmas shopping for the first time, that was the plan. Instead she was once again very ill today and it broke my heart.  She has not yet had a chance to enjoy the celebrations of this holiday season.  I am praying on Christmas Day that she is freed from this pain and illness so that she can relish in the joy of seeing her grandchildren and daughter and son-in-law....and me too.

Many people in the family have been challenged with new illnesses, working more, surgeries and worries.  I have been in chemo since March of 2012.  Juggling chemo, side effects, fatigue, nausea, etc etc etc and working part time and fully participating in every way possible to help mom, in a way that works for her, has been rocky.  

Recently I am receiving psychological counseling to manage what may be true to the form anxiety attacks.  That sequence of abdominal pain followed by nausea followed by sweating and shortness of breath and panting, losing focus and just getting plain overheated all over is not actually a hot flash.  So now I am learning how to cope with that problem in a new way.  I never had these episodes before cancer. 

The blessing is that we are here to experience all of this suffering.  I know that sounds bad, but those sweet babies at Sandy Hook Elementary never had a chance to live long enough to experience such pain.  They are little lights in heaven with God.  

So now it's time to reflect on the blessings.  The pain and suffering that wreaks havoc on all of us is a blessing for Jesus suffered on the Cross for us, as God loves us so much that he sacrificed his only son to forgive us of sin.  We must forgive to find peace.  

So back to the first question, if you could get one miracle, one chance to have anything in the world, what would your wish be for Christmas?

I know what mine is.................I want for each of us to embrace the true meaning of love and keep that feeling for all of humanity, all living creatures.  Love one Another as God has and does Love You.  Rid yourself of hatred and destructive thoughts.  Leave nothing for the sickness to hold onto.  Love your neighbor as you would love yourself and trust in the Lord.  

I am so passionate about the future for our children to include loving environments and peace.  I got a little sidetracked but felt compelled to publicly state an idea that could help schools be just a little safer, without the use of weapons and armed guards.  This comes from a very deep core belief that children will be emotionally and spiritually scarred if they are constantly surrounded by people with weapons. It is wrong to do this to them.  

In order to foster a world of peace, we must trust, we must love one another.  It would be hard to create and nurture that trust and love while surrounded by guns.  It does not set well with me.  

I want our children to love one another!  I want you to feel loved, and that is my wish for you, to feel loved.  Know that God loves you, and I love you.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may all your Christmas wishes come true.


Instead of guns, lets begin to bridge the gap from the horrors of yesterday to the peace of tomorrow. I am asking for people to join hands to create Rings of Hope, around their schools when the children return from holiday break. Parents, family, good citizens uniting together for the day to show the children WE keep them safe. No guns. No weapons. We can do this now. Keep watch and be their loving guardians while the other solutions are discovered.

We need to elevate schools and our children so that schools are a center of life learning, for not only math, science and language, but culture, arts, health, communications, sports, leadership and community building. This is the opportunity for growth.

Please go to Ring of Hope, Arms Across America and stand with and for the children at your local school, be their sentry for a day. This idea has incredible opportunities to grow beyond one day of strength. Please speak with other parents and see if they will join you.

All you need to do is just hold hands, be arm in arm, for the day that your child returns to school after the holiday break. When the children see how strong we are, and they see the love, they will feel safe. We don't need guns to help them feel safe.

Help to create a Ring of Hope around the school for that day.


  1. Your blog brought tears to my eyes, because the words are powerful and the message so clear. I pray that you and your family will have a most blessed Christmas, and the year 2013 will bring you abundant health and joy.
    I love the Ring of Hope...such a simple yet wonderful idea. That is what Jesus would do if He were walking on the earth today. We each need to have Him walking here through our acts of Love.
    Merry Christmas, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Karen,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Speechless really. You are a wonderful friend. May your Christmas be filled with lots of love and smiles. God Bless you, Love, Denise

  3. What a heartfelt post. Thanks for sharing.


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