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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013 Wish For You

Our family has survived one of the most challenging years of our lives.  Sweet mom on the upswing now after multiple hospitalizations, I am still on chemo, and other very endearing family members coping with new illnesses and lots of change.  We have also experienced joy with a very bright cousin moving on to Johns Hopkins, kids changing to better schools and opportunities to receive visitors from close family from far away places.

The little joys, coffee with mom, a short drive with my sister catching up and sharing a laugh or two, seeing my nieces and nephew play together, laughing and being real.  Hearing funny stories about aunts and uncles.  Seeing beautiful cards in my email box from a dear friend in California. Seeing mom get surprise roses from a friend.  Leaving the doctor office remembering the words, "things look better now".  Getting a text from dad saying I love you.  Getting to say I love you to my mom almost every day.  

Waking up to see my beautiful kitty kat purring over my face, hungry for her first meal of the day, but patient and graceful as she waits (except for the one day she nubbed my head with her teeth, guess I slept too long).  Marilyn gives me much needed laughter and love.  I feel like a little kid when I get to play with her.  She will chase a little ball.  She will run in and out of this little kitty tunnel, and have me chase her.  She will let me carry her around in little boxes.  (Still cannot download the video of her and singing around the tree but it is on my facebook page),

The little joys in life are what keep us going day to day.  My goal this year is to give more little joys than last year.  Leave my spaces cleaner when I leave.  Be even more polite and offer everyone a smile, even if I don't feel like it.

I am continuing chemo in January.  I am extremely fatigued, but am compensating for that.  I just work around it.  I make the most out of my awake time, work, be with family, and my kitty.  I work on my heartfelt causes to increase awareness of ovarian cancer and now have taken an interest in helping find peaceful ways to protect children in schools.

The tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School brought us to our knees.  This can never happen again. God Bless the survivors of Sandy Hook.

January is a much dreaded time of year, cold and dark.  It is the perfect time of year to clean out the clutter that takes us away from giving true love and joy.  I need to find more time to attend Church services, with my fatigue, I never wake up in time.  I have to do that, I dearly miss Mass.  But God knows how much I love him as I pray morning and night.  

My New Years wish for you is to experience and give more little joys to yourself and to those around you.  By spreading little joys, and giving more smiles, who knows how that one little action could energize someone to do something they need to do........because they felt a tiny dose of love.

Happy New Year to each and all of you.  I do love you all and pray that 2013 brings more joys, better health, more security and happiness for you and yours.

God Bless you and your family.

Happy New Year



  1. Happy New Year, Denise! May you and your mother have more happiness than you know what to do with!

  2. Happy New Year, Denise....
    I'm happy to see your mom is on the upswing... I hope 2013 is brighter on all fronts....

    With love,

  3. Nicole and AnneMarie,

    I hope you are enjoying the New Year too. Thank you for the well wishes for mom and it truly is great that she has been better. I really hope that this year brings you great happiness and health.

    With Love,


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