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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mother Nature Keeps Us Grounded


Coney Island ca .1912

Coney Island before Hurricane Sandy 

Coney Island after Hurricane Sandy Oct 30, 2102

Deep Sea diving in the New York Subway, as a result of Hurricane Sandy  
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Sandy caused massive devastation along the Atlantic and New England shoreline yesterday.  As of now I read that at least 50 lives have been lost so far.  It is uncertain how many thousands of people have suffered a total loss of property and the countless business and industry losses are yet to be known.  Atlantic City's famous "Boardwalk" is gone.  The shoreline has literally been relocated.  New York's subway system is under water.  Hundreds of homes were burned in a town called "Breezy Point" in Queens, New York.  

A large crane atop a NY condominium building under construction literally collapsed.  It is perched up high, dangling off from the side, waiting to fall.

I hope that those who have experienced trauma and loss due to this horrendous storm can find comfort in the thoughts and prayers of the nation and the world. 

Hurricane Sandy broke all time records in terms of storm surge and hurricane strength for that region, leaving everyone stunned and frozen.  

I have seen reports on television of people expressing not only grief from the actual physical loss of Coney Island or Atlantic City, but the memories that now can no longer be recreated. This seems to be stinging the hearts of so many.  

I personally have never been there, but feel this loss anyway, because we are a community. 

Why do I write about this on my cancer blog.  Because, like mother nature, our bodies get ravaged by devastating storms, storms that kill or forever 
change our body's landscape.  We too must rebuild. 

New memories will be created one day.  

One prayer, one brick, one hammer, and one nail at a time.  

Praying for the survivors of Sandy.


  1. These are heartbreaking pictures Denise. I grew up in Philadelphia. My mother was from Brooklyn and we visited family there often. I spent a few years in NYC. I am familiar with the subway system having ridden it countless times. Weird seeing a Scuba diver there!

    I also spent many happy summer vacations "down the shore". Atlantic City was fun back then, before the casinos and crime. Cape May was always more wild and beautiful. Avalon was the place to be. Long Beach Island...Beach Haven...had the best surfing.

    Hard to believe it's gone. Even Gloria, back in the 60s, which took direct aim at New Jersey, did not do anywhere near this much damage.

    We have lots of coastal damage here in New England too, but it pales in comparison to NY and NJ.

    We need some famous homeboys, like Bruce and Bon Jovi, to get off the political bandwagon and organize a huge benefit concert to raise funds to help rebuild.

  2. Hello Iris,

    My prayers are with you now during this time of need. It must be very difficult to see such devastation and feel the heart ache knowing that future generations will not get the chance to experience the shore in the way you did. Well, the fundraising needs to be done and hopefully it will all start soon. This has been a tough political season. Musicians and entertainers from all sides will pull together because they always do. Be well and be safe.

    Blessings to you Iris


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