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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Art doesn't fall far from the tree

My mom taught her well.  My sister is showing her works on Poppytalk Hand Made, as well as on her blog.  I always enjoy her work.  It makes me smile and brings me joy.

Those of us with chronic illnesses, no matter the name of it, deal with many of the same issues. Pain, disruption of life, lingering thoughts about how we have used our time up until now.  "Could I have done better?"  "If only I would have done this or not done that."  We have no answers, only God knows these things.

What I do know is that we need art and music and play and laughter to be part of our lives, in a big way.  It's healing to see beautiful art.  We go to distant lands or other places and either imagine wonderful things or remember experiences that made an impact.  Granted, we may not always feel "good" but art is about truth.  Truth is cleansing, and cleansing brings about peace with our selves, which can bring about peace with others.

I love you sis!  Good work!

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