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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Rebirth and a new place

It's been a while since I shared  news about my status.  My apologies as I have been moving, and well, I'm tired.  Lot's of emotions moving out of my dear mom's home into an empty apartment.  But it was time, and mom really wanted this for me.  Love you mom.

Every morning for the past two years mom and I would enjoy our coffee together and catch up on the news.  I would eat my oatmeal and for two hours or so, life was heavenly.  Even if I was in pain or tired from chemo, we would still enjoy that time together.  I would get to hear tid bits of stories from long ago about her childhood, or a rant about something important politically in the world.  Mom holds back on nothing.

I really didn't want to leave, especially now that she is on dialysis.  The house is too small and her plate is full with questions, worries, and concerns for her future.  She needs time and space for peace now.  I see her  a lot anyway, so it won't be too bad.  I just really miss her so much.

Now I'm in a secure apartment managed by a very kind woman who thinks of this complex as a community.  I like that.  I will include a photo in my blog when I get my furniture and pictures arranged.  I found a small wooden table as a give-away, and am using that for my dining table.  Mom was so generous to give me one of her couches and a living room side chair.  My sister and her husband helped me move, thank you guys!!!!

It feels like a dorm room right now, not really homey.

Thanks to comcast and their evil doings, I have no television.  I'm trying to look at this lack of television as an opportunity to reflect and pray more.  It's probably a good thing at the end of the day.  I miss my CNN and Hoda and Kathy though.  No cooking channel, what's a girl to do?  Ha.  Thanks to Pat and Mandy for offering Hulu to help with the TV.....yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I just found out my niece passed a black belt flip test last night...............yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  Later today I hope to see my other niece at a performance in the zoo.  The rest of the family is well overall, I wish we all lived in the same area, like when we were little kids.  I really do.

On the medical front, my CA125 is 11 and my latest exam was normal.  In 3 months I have a pelvic CT scan.  My mammogram and breast MRI are good too, but I'm still seeking the opinion of a surgeon to consider a prophylactic mastectomy.  Sigh.  Still totally undecided, I just want to talk.

That's all for now.  I really hope you are well.  Peace and blessings and hugs and smiles to you.


  1. Love you no time at all you will have that apartment cozy. If I am ever in the position to take a road trip up there...I still have some of your household items that I will bring to you. Pls email me your address.
    I understand your mother's need for healing space...she must love you very much to let you stay this long--not so sure that would have worked for my mom and me...two women in a small space! Sounds like you have many fond memories.
    I just got Comcast--month to month--I want it for the holidays for my guests. I abhor most of the TV programming--and have been making do with news online and Netflix. Mostly I read. My niece just got Hulu and she likes it, another friend has Roku and likes after the holidays, I will check into these.
    Well girl, know that you are always in my prayers---sending positive thoughts your way! xoxoxo

  2. Yes Barb, I feel loved. I think it is Roku, now that you mention it. I couldn't remember what they had said. I'll send my address.....would so love for you to come up. Miss you....hug. xoxoxo


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