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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Join Yale University to do the WALC-N Study

Hello Teal Family,

I am grateful to be participating in a very important study, about walking and our health as women who have experienced the wrath of ovarian cancer.  If you, or any woman you know, is interested in participating in this very important study, please contact Yale University.  This is a fully randomized study.

Please forward this to all of your teal sisters.  There is no other study of this nature being offered in the Ovarian Cancer community.  Your participation could save a life.

From WALC-N Study at Yale University:

We are inviting women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and living anywhere in the USA to participate in the 
WALC-N Study (sounds like “walking”). 

This research study will examine if a 6-month home-based walking program, with weekly phone calls and counseling from our certified personal trainer, will improve quality of life, fatigue and other ovarian cancer outcomes.


  1. I sent off an email. If she responds to me, and I "join up" we can be walkin' buddies!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaay. That would be super fun!


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