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Saturday, September 12, 2015

"What Every Woman Should Know" video link

The message here is that if your body is experiencing problems outside of what you normally (baseline) know to be true, talk about it with your doctor.  My two cents: if your doctor is not listening, either find another way to communicate with your caring doctor or get another opinion.  It is ok to do that too.

This video is a fantastic one to share with other women who want to learn more about the possible symptoms of ovarian cancer.  Please send this to them.  It could save a life.

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  1. What do you do when you've taken every test in the book, only to be told you're normal, nothing is wrong? I have the bloating, I get full quickly, spotting between periods, frequent urination, bowel problems, etc...I feel like my regular ob-gyn just dismisses these symptoms, even told me that I should just be on the pill so I won't have to worry about cysts. It probably isn't cancer, but still, I have the right to know and be 100% certain. I just didn't know if I should take the chance and see a Gyn-Onc instead. What do you advise?

    1. Dear Sunflowerleo,

      I am very sorry to hear this. At the top of this blog is a symptoms card for gynecological cancers. Print it off and take it to your gyn or pcp. If there is still no response, get a second opinion from another board certified doctor. You can look for a board certified gynonc covered by your insurance and see if they need a referral or if can you get an appointment.

      Use the symptom card, show your gyn the video. They need to listen to you and rule out cancer. You know your body. Does breast or ovarian cancer run in the family?

      Has a bimanual pelvic exam been done? CA125 and transvaginal ultrasound are a good start, but a CT or PET/ CT is much more revealing.

      You need a doctor who listens to you. It is your body and you do have a right to know. It sounds like this is ongoing. The recommended timeframe for persistency is at least 2 weeks.

      I pray it is not cancer but if it is you are not alone and there is really good treatment. Please let me know.

      Peace and blessings


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