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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Put That Jug To Good Use

If you know anything about my little blog you know I don't always talk about ovarian cancer, which to me is healthy.  Here is an important message that I pray finds its way into your home.

If you are like me, you cringe when you see water running out of the tap for any reason other than immediate use.  Things like rinsing dishes, getting the perfect tap water temperature, filling a cold water bottle and even cleaning the sink seem to waste so much water.  When I was a little child I remember that sink faucets had separate piping for hot and cold, so the hot was "hot" already.  We need our plumbing systems to find that happy space again somehow.

In the interim, I want every kitchen to have a spare water jug to capture clean water.

This is where the clean pre-usage water is captured while we wait for the water to get either hotter or colder.  If you have kids, let them decorate them.  I fill my gallon container to the rim each day, easy.

This is important because we should not drink hot water from the tap, it comes from the tank which may be rusty on the inside.  So allow your jug to capture this water and re-purpose it in your garden or even on your lawn.  Use a larger bin to hold this water outside.  You can use this fresh water to put in pots for boiling eggs or other forms of cooking.

Please take a look at my charming clunky video and share! Share! Share!

PS.  I saw my gynonc yesterday and the plan is avastin forever, basically.  Every three weeks. Thanks Be to God for this wonderful medical care.  Now I just need a fatigue blaster.

Peace and Blessings,

Denise  aka Servivorgirl

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