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Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Didn't Know I Loved Gorillas So Much

Tonight something entirely unexpected happened after watching a "60 Minutes" segment, I knelt down on my knees sobbing.  It wasn't just one of those short hard cries that somehow finds a way to end with a giggle or sigh of relief.  No, this was one of those deeply sorrowful tearful, painful, agonizing moments when no solace could be found, except through God.

My cat doesn't know what to do during these rare moments because I cry out loud and can't breathe. It reminded me of the kind of crying that comes when someone you love dies.  I got shocked when I saw my red bleary eyed face in the mirror as I went to grab a tissue. Marilyn was probably hiding under the bed, poor kitty.

How did this evolve, you way wonder.  It was just a normal evening. I had turned on the television and found an episode already streaming on "60 Minutes" about a man who wants to save all the animals in captivity. Wonderful.  His name is Damian Aspinall.  Mind you, the segment had already begun playing and the images I saw were amazing.  I had missed the introductions. 

This man is frolicking with apes and playing with tigers.  Wow. I hear about his mission to end all zoos, including his, and I think "Fabulous"! Truly it is a Godly gift that any human can play with gorillas and live to tell about it.  This man is very special, I am thinking.

We see him teaching gorillas to live in the jungle after being in captivity.  Then this man takes them to a private island where these Godly creatures live freely and are safe. Upon his return, the gorillas are happy to see him, one especially.  The one gorilla loved this man so much he literally would not let him go. I am grinning from ear to ear, my heart is warm and fuzzy. 

Then we see this man has started, but not finished a bridge.  This bridge is the bridge to the real wild. It would allow the gorillas to leave this safe island haven of freedom in Africa. We are told that if they cross this bridge the gorillas will no longer be safe, they might die.  

I do not have the answers but I do know what isn't right.  Those gorillas loved him!  They trusted him and he let them walk the plank.

Dear Damian Aspinall,

Please no longer release the animals that love you, that trust you, into the wild.  Allow them to remain living with joy on your family estate in Africa and pledge your resources to stop animal cruelty and poaching.

Your ideal of closing all zoos is admirable. I pray you have learned that your beloved Gorillas need you to keep them safe on your island sanctuary.  You were given an exceptional gift from God that allows large wild animals to trust and love you.  Please honor that love and trust.


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