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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Robin Williams Video: Actor Sent A Terminal Cancer Patient AMessageBefore Suicide

Robin Williams Video: Actor Sent A Terminal Cancer Patient A Message Before Suicide

This is my personal tribute to our most beloved and belated champion of laughter, the great Robin Williams.  He brought life, love, laughter and hope.  He tragically took his life on August 11, 2014 with the mind and hands of one consumed by some depressive disorder that rendered him unable to move through his challenges. He had early stages of Parkinson's and openly spoke of his battles with depression, to give back and help others.

Our hearts are broken.

I have depression. And....if you watched my sweet mom talk with Kathie Lee Gifford you would hear them talk about how my mom said sometimes that she had wanted to give up.  Mom followed that up with "but somehow it doesn't last". She, like millions upon millions, have had to battle some sort of serious depression in their lifetime.  You or someone you love may be suffering.

I was told a long time ago to decrease the amount of time I watch the news. This was before cancer. I did just that the day before Robin Williams died.  The headlines were filled with unspeakable human atrocities.  The news can be unbearable sometimes.

It is very difficult for me to have radio silence.  I am a news junkie, just like mom.  I am a bit of an advocate and feel compelled to "do something" on a regular basis, if I can when others need a voice. Millions of us feel like this. Robin was definitely one of them.

Robin Williams wanted to heal the world it seems.  He did so with his humor by uplifting the hearts of soldiers and the down-trodden.  He stood up for the oppressed with his sharp tongue, poking fun at the greedy with wicked heartfelt humor.  Robin Williams cared!

Each soul on earth has the potential to enlighten one or millions of other souls.  My mom lightened a precious few and Robin enlightened millions.

When the brightest light burns out, the world seems to stop. This light moved from the earth to the heavenly stars and shines with great brilliance upon us.

So to keep your heart light and your endorphins flowing, watch a few of Robin Williams' movies.

Give yourself some laughter therapy.

May our beloved Robin Williams Rest in Peace, Amen

Please link here for a biography of Robin Williams:

Please link here for information about laughter therapy and cancer:

Please link here for information about suicide prevention:

Peace and blessings,

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