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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Insurance Ending Contract With My Provider!

I received word at the beginning of June from my cancer center that the insurance provider, a Medicare Advantage contract provider, was ending the contract with my cancer center. This is concerning for me and any patient at the cancer center. Quite an overwhelming situation indeed.

The contract ends July 1, 2013.

After I contacted my insurance company they said that the medicare advantage agreement was the only contract effected and that other contracts with the cancer center remain intact.They said they are happy to send me a booklet of other providers, and although I can retain my doctor, I am confused and overwhelmed by the lack of continuity of care, not having access to specialty trained nurses and techs to access my power port, and how will I navigate my care if my care cannot be provided from the location from which my trusted gynonc-oncologist operates?

I may be able to continue benefiting from their care as an out of network patient through the end of the year. I may need a new treatment team when open enrollment begins again at the end of 2013, because the provider will no longer be available and I have no financial means to access my provider as an out of network patient.

On my last visit I was told that I was fortunate to have lived this long, longer than was expected. My immune system is very compromised, I cannot tolerate many of the newer treatments like PARP inhibiters. I have been on chemo for 16 or 17 months now. Like many cancer patients, I have a complicated mix of challenges. Now is not a good time to be denied access to my cancer facility.

I am also extremely concerned for those patients who do not have the means to pay any extra out of pocket expenses now and are now forced to make quick decisions and changes with minimal notice. What about those who have been paying all year and just now are needing treatment, specialty services and access to the cancer center? Mind you this is the medicare contract, so seniors and people who have disabilities are being effected.

How is this ethical? How is this legal?

I called my local Congressman's office, Jim McDermott, and spoke with a concerned representative who was extremely helpful, provided me the correct actions to take, and highly supported my idea to create legislation that disallows an insurance company to terminate a contract with a medical provider after the open enrollment begins.

I want it to be illegal to cut patients off mid-year, especially complicated scenarios involving cancer. It is exhaustive to research and find an oncologist or oncology surgeon whom you trust with your life, is reputable and will treat you in a manner that meets your individual needs.

This particular situation targets medicare patients, which I find criminal.

Per Mr. David Loud, from Congressman McDermott's Office, here is what I can do:

1. Ask to be referred back into my network provider as a plan exception, as this would be potentially harmful to my quality of care. (A nursing friend recommended to specify that changing networks could be detrimental to my health. I can ask my oncologist to write the letter).

2. As soon as I am seen after the contract ends, which is July 01, 2013, appeal the out of network charges with the insurance company.

3. Seek new Legislation by engaging the people who care to contact their local Comgressman so that Congress can create legislation that prevents insurance companies from terminating provider contracts after the open enrollment period begins. Patients have the right to know they can remain with their chosen medical team and treatment facility for the duration of the year. For patients who have chronic or potentially fatal medical conditions, being forced to change providers can be detrimental to the patient's continuity of care and potentially put the patient's health in a state of grave risk.

I plan to keep you all posted on my progress.

Click on the next paragraph to locate your Congressman's office:

I cannot end without stating how much I appreciate the level of access to healthcare provided to me. I always recognize that I am blessed, it could be worse, and to remain humble at all times. I thank God every day for my blessings.

Thank you for caring. Please share with amyone who would care to join this important effort.




  1. Oh Denise,

    This IS criminal and I will open my mouth anywhere you need this broadcast. ONLY the Medicare contract??? There's a big problem with those words....

    Clicking and sharing...

    Hugs and love,


  2. Seems to be happening all over...
    Medicare Cuts Lead Cancer Clinics to Turn Away Patients

    Scarlett Barry IL

  3. My cancer center is going to do all they can to help me. I am going to continue posts but it seems the insurance company is making no exceptions. Thank the Lord my doctor and cancer center truly care. Peace.

  4. I am so upset/angry/sad/frustrated for you and many other cancer patients who are experiencing this more and more. This country is on the march to ObamaCare; your hand is being forced to sign up if you want to live. This leaves me upset/angry/sad/frustrated and disgusted.

    1. Cyndi, thank you for your concern. My cancer center and providers are being very helpful. Nobody agrees that insurance companies should be allowed to pull the rug out from under a patient mid year. i do not know if this is related to healthcare reform or just insurance greed. I pray you are well. We need to write our Congress . we all deserve quality health care. peace to you Cyndi.


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