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Friday, October 30, 2009

ex landlord a crook

Funny thing is that some people could care less about if you have cancer or not. This is a note about my former landord Eric, in Folsom. I moved from Folsom to Seattle on September 30th. During August and the last 5 days in September, I needed help from family, and they had to stay with me. Eric gave us permission and never accepted money when offered. I guess he socked it to me in the end.

My brother flew out the 25th and drove my packed car to Seattle the next day. He stayed one night. My sister arrived the 26th and helped me wrap up my donations, packing for Craig's car and cleaning. We left the place spotless. Being the only female in a house with two other males, I was the one who cleaned. My sister worked her tail off to help with the very demanding transition while at the same time I had daily doctor visits, chemo and errands galore.

To say the least, the move about killed us all.

Well, for the first few weeks in August, my sister or my aunt had to stay to help me because I could barely get out of bed. I needed help showering, could not go downstairs for meals etc. AND, for one week while my aunt was here, we had to stay at a hotel because Eric (lanlord) had friends in from out of town. We offered Eric a little seed money to cover extra utilities. My mother even paid for helpers at home after family left, and they helped me with the house. The guys never lifted a finger to clean the house or help me at all while I was recovering. I was a bother to them and made them uncomfortable because of the type of surgery I had. There was nothing I could do to make them feel more comfortable with my surgery.

When I moved out, my key was under the mat, the fridge was stocked with good food and the house was spotless. I left Eric a note with my new address, told him the key was under the mat, and asked him to mail me my deposit to my address in Seattle. I had already changed my address with the post office.

Well, I gave him the legal 3 weeks, no response, no deposit. A few days ago I sent him a text and he said that because of all the issues and a leaky toilet, he was going to keep my deposit. He said he had some mail for me.

The handle on the toilet needed tightened, that's all there. How ridiculous.

So I am feeling totally taken advantage of. We did offer to give him a few bucks for the invonvenience of family staying, but he refused to accept it. He just said "get better, that's all I care about". Well he is a true liar.

Before my surgery, Eric insisted that I get family to help me because he didn't sign up for this problem. He offered the second room to them. So for him to keep my deposit is literally lowbrow and seedy. If he would have asked for part of the deposit to cover that room, I would have gladly given it to him.

What bothers me truly is that there was no conversation. He just took my deposit, and there is not a "blank' thing I can do. It is criminal.

Some people really don't care if you are sick or not. Hard lesson to learn. I am not asking for special treatment because I have cancer, but to keep my deposit because he knows I am incapable of defending myself is abominable. I learned my lesson here, and it's a shame because the bills are starting to come in. I could have used that, but it will come from another place.

I have to believe that nothing is random, there is a reason for everything that happenes. A window will open, I have hope.

For now, really just needing to tell the story.

Love you all.

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