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Sunday, October 18, 2009

good day today

Hi to my dear friends and family,

Well I have to say that I am so relieved that this round of chemo has been kinder to me. Not as much fatigue, not as much nausea, not as much bitter taste and generally feeling more human. The best part is that I get a break this next week. Still go for shots Sunday, Monday, Tuesday but that is OK.

I see my new general practitioner on Thursday, and so I am getting "established" here as a patient.

The trees are golden and red, the air is ridiculously fresh and clean, so inspiring. Mom and I have been playing Scrabble. My sister has her festive holiday/winter 2009 Savvywrap tm done.

They are georgeous, and precious and beautifully designed wreaths named "Boxwood with Berries". I am so proud of her, and she is truly an artist, she inspires us all.

Mom and I are having fun, talking and laughing when times are good. I am really hoping that this down time will be productive for me spiritually.

I am looking for a church and am hoping that I can receive a minister at home for now. I am not really ready to go to church, because I am still immuno-compromised, but need communion. I miss the walls of Holy Trinity in El Dorado Hills, miss the feeling of love received from my extended family.

I hope to get out a little next week, have truly been indoors the whole time. Mom is getting a walking stick, so that we will be able to take small walks together. I am not yet exercising either, not good. Need to do that.

Love my family, miss all my friends. Very blessed to have my doctors. I think I fell in love with Dr. P. He was a dream. Made me feel so secure and calm before placing my port/central line. Love you!

Thanks again Mandy for being with me the whole day on Thursday. Port placement and Chemo started around noon and ended after 8pm. What a day. Do not know what I would do without my sister. Love you.



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