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Monday, February 15, 2016

Out-Of-The-Box Thinking from M.I.T. and Global-Cures.Org

Are you interested in an out-of-the-box idea for reducing early recurrence of cancer?

Here is a fascinating video from M.I.T. about a need for research on anti-inflammatory medications and their relationship in the prevention of early recurrence of cancer in people who have received cancer treatment.  I was fascinated by this video.  Please take the time to watch this You-Tube video.

As a person who also receives daily treatment for severe rheumatoid arthritis I find the idea of using anti-inflammatory medications as part of the treatment process very intriguing.  I wonder if having RA has somehow helped improve my longevity with ovarian cancer.  

There is no way to know this right now.  I have been on prednisone for years and was taking prednisone prior to my debulking surgery.  Encouraging!

Peace and Blessings to all.

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