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Monday, February 08, 2016

#Livingwithcancer Memories New And Old. Go #Broncos

Happy Super Bowl 50

When I was a kid our family rallied around the Bronco games.  Watching the Broncos was consistently the one event our family did together for as long as we had season tickets.  My grandmother Archuleta lived near the stadium and one of us children or mom would get to go to the home games with dad.  We parked at grandma's, had a meal and walked to the stadium. Blizzard or no blizzard, we were there!

I think I went to Floyd Little's last game, not sure as some of the memories are kind of fuzzy.  If I focus I can still feel the weight and catch the aroma of dad's binoculars.  They had a new car smell, ha funny.  I remember lugging around blankets and freezing my butt off.  I even remember the people in front of us, sort of.  

Now the memories come across like viewing one big long documentary of our family.  I remember all the aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends coming over for chile or pot roast. Mom would cook up a storm.  My siblings and I got to invite friends over.

Grandma was always looking out for us as we walked back to the her humble apartment.  She would be standing in the doorway, behind the glass, anxiously waiting for us to safely return from the game. I remember people selling homemade burritos, tamales and tacos along the sidewalk.  Sometimes the walks back to grandma's home were so cold I could not even speak.  It was worth it.

Most of all I remember the blip of happiness that gave us all a little bump for the week. Something to look forward to as a family.

Well being in Seattle it has been difficult to always catch a Bronco game because I do not pay for sports cable.  I miss the days when you could watch the Broncos for free.  Ha.

I want to say that Super Bowl 50 was exciting, fun, and a great escape from day to day concerns.  I really was feeling grateful to be watching it!  I really was.  I remember a time when I would never have imagined being alive to watch Super Bowl 50.  To see Denver's beloved Broncos win this game was exhilarating.  I wanted to be back home with my family and friends to share in the joy.

My cat Marilyn was great company though.  She was not a big fan of my cheering but graciously hung in there until the end of the game.

Thank you Denver Broncos for giving me a great lift for the day.  Thank you for giving myself and the people in my family great memories.  

Congratulations John Elway and Peyton Manning.  

I plan to be around for Season 2016 and maybe I will get to see a game in Denver.  It is time for some serious cheer!

I hope my readers had fun enjoying the Broncos' win.  We all need our little happys!

God Bless you all.

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