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Friday, January 09, 2015

Saying Goodbye To Anger

Welome to 2015!

To be honest, I feel like it is already February.  The first 9 days of 2015 have been packed full with major decisions, fluctuations in my state of health, being magnetized by and consumed with finishing the Bible and being true to my calling, as best I can be. With all this I have not had the energy keep up with the level of watch over the ovarian cancer community like I would prefer.

So as I write this I am deflated, sad, because I just learned that a 17 year old young woman has died from ovarian cancer.  #SamStrong May she rest in peace.

Before I learned of her death my original intention was to do a post about cancer and dental care.  I wanted to keep the first post of 2015 simple. There is just too much to mention so I will sum that portion of this post up by saying this:  "Google Biofilm and follow the recommendations to keep biofilm at bay".  Your teeth wil love you. 

Spiritual care is of course much more involved.

In the next few weeks I will be attending a 3 day spiritual retreat of silence and prayer.  As God has offered ways for me to keep helping other people I find that I am more and more inspired to learn as much as I can about Love from God and His Mercy. I thought I had understood this, but I had not.

I did not know the young woman who left her family and friends so early but there must have been a deeply rooted feeling of brotherly love within her circle.  If you search #SamStrong you will see all the wonderful things she accomplished during her short life.  Her spirit inspires me. She seemed to have mercy.

Someone close to me recently said that when it comes to God things will be revealed to you when you are ready.  Each soul on earth is on a separate timeline but we all are welcome to receive God at anytime, if we choose to do so. God gave us free will.

So although I have been dissappointed in myself for taking so long to read through the Bible, I will not berate myself.  I have finished reading through Romans and in the past few weeks I have been enlighted in so many ways.  

I recently realized that I had been holding onto anger about a particular scenario.  I thought it had gone, but it hadn't.  By the acts of confession, prayer and studying I am truly beginning to understand what mercy is.  

I am not a model but am dedicated to having true mercy from this point on.  

Anger is the enemy.  The priest said that even justified anger serves no real purpose and that God wants us to have mercy in the way that Christ Jesus has mercy.  I want every ounce of anger out of my soul and it will be a labor of love to do so.  I do not want to die with any anger in my heart.

I plan to write about my retreat experience in hopes that some of you may be inspired to heal yourself in spirit too.  This will help our bodies.

Thank you for following along with this disorganized post.  I will be looking for other women to join me on another spiritual retreat that will include prayer and dedication to healing from illness as well, whether you are the patient or loved one.  You do not have to be Catholic to attend.  

Please email me if you may be interested at

Peace and Blessings,

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