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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fight To The Death "Right To Try" laws they say.  It is a fight to the death for all of us.  No matter your situation, if your life is in jeopardy you fight to the death.

I am relieved to see that Colorado has just passed legislation that allows terminal patients more options to extend their life on earth.  I cannot imagine the heart break knowing that a medication exists that could save the life of the one you love, but they can't have it.

The important thing for each of us to consider is to what length do we want others to go to in order to keep us alive.  Having an Advance Directive is important, especially if you have an illness like cancer.   It is important that your loved ones know your wishes.   It is not easy to think about, let alone write out. (link to information on advance directives)

Our mom, God rest her soul, took time to write it out and to articulate her wishes when it came to heroic measures.  Although she did not have cancer,  the only thing that kept us grounded during her final hours was knowing that her wishes were honored.  We are never prepared for these tragic situations. Never.

We tend to think that logic will rule, but desperation and pain take over. Sometimes the only thing that keeps loved ones on a single page is an Advance Directive. We beg God, we beg doctors, we scour the internet looking for answers that will save our loved ones.  We pray for miracles. 

Miracles may now come for some in Colorado and people can make it known that they want experimental drugs as a last resort.

Here is a link to an article about the Colorado legislation from The Huffington Post:

Right To Try    Please follow to read the article in full.

I think the naysayers have never really needed to fight tooth and nail for their own lives.  One said this jeopardizes the approval process and delays release of those experimental medications to the masses.  Well, that issue, if it is real, can be fixed because the FDA can make adjustments for this.  Paperwork, red tape, money and more money..............none of those concerns has a real pulse.

As long as an informed patient or legal guardian with a durable medical power of attorney fully understands all the risks, are willing to take the risks and absolve the drug manufacturer of liability, the patient should get their last chance for life. 

We want to swim, not sink.  When someone you love is drowning you want to throw them a lifeline.

Thank you Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado!

Thank you for showing true compassion!

I pray that all states pass this kind of legislation..

It gives us hope.

Peace and Blessings,

aka "servivorgirl"

Link To Medical Directives by State

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