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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Article on ChemoBrain

Not to justify my problems or anything, but this is a great article that helps explain some of what I experience.  Especially the part about short term memory and word recall.  I still need 10 hours of sleep per night.........but I hope it gets better. 

Maybe as the days get longer, huh?  That would be great.


  1. So sorry you've experienced this. Heidi struggles with this a lot when she is on non-targeted chemo (like now). In 2004, when she was only at Stage2 BC, it was a challenge for her to keep running the 2 pediatric clinics at Univ Washington at her high standards.

  2. Thanks for the comment Joe. Is Heidi a doctor? This chemo-brain stuff is so so hard to describe to others, expecially when each individual deals with different problems and that the problems are inconsistent. I sure hope she gets better soon. And you too! We're never prepared for the pervasive consequences of treatment. Peace

  3. My chemo brain has mostly alleviated, disappeared, in the six months post carbo/taxol. Now I'm trying a new drug and hope it will not affect me. I wrote lots and lots of notes to myself and concentrated. Surprisingly, during my first six month series, I spent much time in the recliner and during that six months read through the entire Bible and understood it well. Weird, huh?


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