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Friday, January 20, 2017

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As a woman who knows that ovarian cancer comes and goes throughout survivorship I feel very threatened by the push towards removing the Affordable Care Act. I do rely on Medicare to provide coverage for my healthcare.  Millions of people suffering with cancer and other long term chronic illnesses feel the same.

Now that Donal Trump has officially been sworn in as our President we must forge ahead as one unified voice standing up for all of the vulnerable and explore our representatives in government to provide legislation that protects affordable healthcare for ALL!

More opinions encouraged...

Peace and Blessings!

Denise Archuleta


  1. Those who wanted new legislation are upset with the high cost and deductibles.
    My daughter is a single healthy woman and she pays $900 a month with a $5000 deductible. My married grandson with 3 children pays $1200 a month with a $5000 deductible. At the Price confirmation hearings , Senator Collins said -
    When someone’s premium is $39,000 a year with a $6,000 deductible, their insurance is anything but affordable.

    Scarlett - Oak Brook IL

    see NBC site for more about his healh insurance plan.

    No one who has health insurance now will go without it during the transition.

    Trump had over 400 rallies before he was elected and I missed about 4 of them. He said that the young would be able to stay on parent's plans until age 26 and pre-existing conditions would remain. Those who supported him are watching all he does.

    Trump is supporter of Health Savings Accounts coupled with a catastrophic plan. What some people are paying and getting now are like catastrophic plans, but the catastrophic plans before Obamacare had costs of less than $200 a month. HSAs have no deductibles.

    For 20 years before I went on Medicare I had a health savings account and the money I have in it right now is what I would have paid for health insurance premiums for all those years.
    I urge everyone to read the proposed health insurance by legislators. Things will be better under Trump.

  2. It needs repaired, I agree How are people who work for minimum wage that have multiple jobs going to set aside money for a HSA? I see what you are saying. I am very concerned about the affordability for healthy people for they should not have to bear the burden of my expense. On the other hand my costs have been well over 200K to stay alive.

    We need a system that works for everyone. I think a single payer system is the only reasonable solution. Just my opinion.

    The real crux of the issue is that the costs are too high. Meaning MRI, CT scans, drugs, supplies in hospital. $10 for an aspirin??? Those kinds of things need to be curbed. Because you know that the workers in healthcare are not millionaires......and many doctors and nurses are not paid enough. The money goes to the wrong people.

    Peace and I hope an ethical sustainable adaptation of ACA moves forward.


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