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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Servivorgirl's Movie Pick for 05-05-16 is Dolphin: Spy In A Pod

Hello All,

I watched a funny and joyful Netflix movie last night that I just had to share.  I am sharing with an intent to help those who are having a difficult time sorting anything out because of their cancer or side effects.  If you are not aware, when on heavy chemo we tend to get numb to our surroundings.  The simplest task of choosing a movie can be difficult when you feel foggy, nauseous, sad, angry or anxious.  It can be a challenge to follow a storyline. More importantly we may just need a lift. 

 When I was on heavy front line chemo nothing really interested me.  Seriously. Especially meaningless movies or television.  I did not have the brain power to read and it was, and still is important to find activities that induce relaxation and give us a source for laughter.  So as part of a balanced life when undergoing treatment we need exercise, nutrition, healthy relationships, spiritual health and also healthy relaxation activities.

So if you are looking for a movie that brings back that sense of wonder you had as a child, watch "Dolphin: Spy In A Pod".

My selection for today is Dolphin: Spy In A Pod

"Dolphin: Spy In A Pod" is just a joy to watch.  Their happy smiley faces, antics and noises will give you the warm fuzzies and giggles you need to relax your mind.

Happy Mother's Day weekend as well.
I think my mom would have enjoyed watching this with me.  I miss you mom.  See you up in the heavens one day.  I love you. My special thoughts are with those who have lost their moms.

Peace and Blessings to all.  May you find comfort in the Lord and in our Blessed Mother.  Happy Mother's Day weekend to everyone.




  1. Hi Denise. My name is Kathy and I have also been diagnosed with the same ovarian cancer in Nov of 2014. I went through 4 cycles of paclitaxol and carboplatinum then surgery to remove my ovaries,fallopian tubes,cervix and uterus. I had a five week break from chemo then another 3 cycles. I have just been diagnosed with recurrence and started April 11 with doxirubicon and carboplatinum. I am encouraged by you being in your 6thyear. I have been told it used to be 3 years after recurrence but now with some new drugs women are making 5 and my oncologist has one patient 10 years. I had genetic testing done as I also had breast cancer in 2012 with a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. I have the hereditary BRCA2 gene mutation. This is my first time searching for blogs since my diagnosis as I wish to reach out to other women and share experiences. My mother passed away 15 years ago of a rare spine cancer and I miss her so much. Happy mothers day and thank you for the movie suggestion. I look forward to reading future and past posts.

    1. Hello Kathy,

      I have prayed for you asking that your treatments will bring your recurrence steadily under control. I give God all the glory for my great care. Try to stay encouraged no matter what because our kind of cancer requires us to keep changing. Thank you for reading this post and for taking time out of your very important life to say hello. You are encouraging as well. My heart is with you on this Mother's Day......I miss my mom too.

      Peace and Grace to you and may you have comfort and joy on Mother's Day.


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