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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On A Lighter Note But First The American College Of Physicians

I like to round up my blog posts with good news.  This piece speaks about my beef with the American College of Physicians and wraps up with a sweet moment in my life: meeting Martin Short!

It seems that when it comes to ovarian cancer, TV physicians are quick to shy away from spelling out the details of the symptom diary that helps women, and doctors, understand some of the potentially lifesaving symptoms of ovarian cancer.  The American College of Physicians has once again published a report about cancer "screenings", and it is controversial, at a minimum.

We in this community know the holy grail of screening tests has not yet been discovered but there was no reason whatsoever to end the interview "there is nothing we can do".  Dr. Azar did not leave much room for hope during the interview, and this saddens me because there IS hope.  I pray she finds a way to clarify this in more detail and show the millions of viewers that progress has been made.

Dr. Azar is more than likely an excellent personal physician, but the media message needs to include some sunlight when it comes to ovarian cancer, as with all cancers. The problem is that this was such a short TV segment. There was not enough time to talk about the complexities of ovarian cancer detection.  I do not agree with the ACP, at all, and I do not like how Dr. Azar answered the question as to what can be done.  There is absolutely no reason to avoid screening with a CA125 blood test if combined with the symptoms already proven in Dr. Goff's research on the ovarian cancer symptom card.

I have a few goals: for as long as I am alive I am going to help women learn that there is a symptom checklist available for gynecological cancers, including ovarian cancer.  Another goal is to do everything I can to get that information out to doctors. Let them know that there is a symptom card available from the CDC's Inside Knowledge Campaign that can be distributed within their office.

One day we WILL have a screening tool. Please visit the Be Brave icon link at the top of my page or click here CDC Inside Knowledge Campaign to get the materials for your PCP.


On a much lighter note, I got my dream date with Martin Short a few weeks ago while attending the Gilda's Club "Surviving With Style Fashion Show".  The room was filled, packed.  He has not spoken much of the loss of his sweet wife Nancy from ovarian cancer.  This bittersweet moment combined with a fabulous fashion show greatly lifted my spirits.  I adore Martin Short, who doesn't?  Oh thank you God for I was able to see him. Meeting Martin Short is on my bucket list and now I can say I did.  Love him!  Thank you Martin Short for talking about your life, your sweet Nancy and helping us live a better life with ovarian cancer.

Martin Short and Denise Archuleta at "Gilda's Club Surviving With Style Seattle 2015"  My dream come true.  God bless Martin Short and Gilda's Club.

High Profile Cancer Screening Report

Gilda's Club Surviving With Style 2015

"It's Always-Something" by Gilda Radner-Twentieth-Anniversary Edition

"I Must Say" by Martin Short

Peace and Blessings,

Denise Archuleta
aka Servivorgirl

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