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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cutri-Mazur Art passed

I was going to write today about me, my voc testing experience and general feelings etc. Instead I want to talk about how stunned I am because two more brave and beloved oc sisters have passed from ovarian cancer. I belong to an online support group, and this group has been so helpful to me. provides us with a venue to share, vent, care, love and support each other. Ovarian Cancer is wicked and mean. It destroys lives.

I am shocked at how frequently we experience the passing of a dear beloved oc sister. It scares me. We need each other so much and yet there isn't a darn thing we can physically do to help one another, just pray and send our well wishes, helpful advice and good thoughts. The only comfort is that they are no longer suffering, but in the arms of the Lord.

Below is a link (Cutri-Mazur) for one of the wonderful women who just passed. She was an artist.

Dear God, please comfort Lisa's family and hold her in your loving arms.

Cutri-Mazur Art

PS Whenever I think of artists, I think of my mom, sister and brother. They are so talented. Dear Lord, please support them in their talent and that their work continues to shine and inspire others to love.

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  1. I am so very sorry for your loss of these dear friends to this terrible diease.. Joe


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